All that mumbo jumbo about work life balance is a crock of shit, corporate cool aid. Stop chugging it down and understand that the scale is BROKEN. There is more competition out there than ever before with communication to masses being accessible by nearly everyone on the planet.

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It used to be that anything you wanted you generally got from your local vendors and purveyors. Your customers were local. They found you in the yellow pages. (Remember those?) Or maybe, they heard about you from a neighbor.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL (I hate this saying but it’s relevant)

Giant companies and small businesses all struggle with the same thing… technology. We have so much come at us at a time and everything is at our fingertips, so consumers are left to weed out the noise and sometimes that could be YOU!

In the 90’s, all you heard was the shift in social thinking about work and life needing a balance and how good companies were creating cushy environments for their employees so they could be happier and more productive ultimately. THEN, we got soft. Corporate culture was trying to balance the scales of people’s personal happiness in and out of work. Over the next decade with internet & social media sending this message around the globe at lightning speeds, the expectation was set and a whole workforce of entitled employees became the norm.


Building a company, creating a successful business is work. Duh. Employees being unhappy and stressed really need evaluation on a case by case basis. Are people losing their sense of balance because they have been trained to think all things should be equally fulfilling in every aspect of their lives or are they really taking on too much? Sure, there are some employers that work you to the bone and maybe don’t give a hoot about you.

Others are so “caring”, they’ve created a workplace where you can’t get things done efficiently because they want everyone to play nice. You know…those companies where so much of your work is project based in groups and we ALL remember what happened in high school. There is ALWAYS that one kid in your group that lags or has an excuse for everything so you end up picking up the slack last minute before deliverables are due.

It’s so easy for progress to slow down because everyone is trying so hard to be patient, and understanding of the workload others have because you wouldn’t want to infringe upon someone’s work life balance. Patience and understanding; these are good things. To the detriment of your sanity; not a good thing.

work life balance, pr tips, publicity, marketingTHE LIGHT

We are currently in the midst of a gig economy and this has sparked a revival of “work your ass off” attitude in the working community. I LOVE IT! We are seeing people say NO to the bullshit. The “Woe is Me” whining is quieting and the “Today I’m Gonna Slay” roar is finding its voice.

This attitude isn’t just for entrepreneurs. This outlook has far reaching benefits in your corporate job and in your personal life goals. Go to work. Be the most productive, best (insert your title here) that you can be and don’t make excuses for yourself. Go home. Accomplish your personal goals like it’s do or die. Whether it’s reading 3 books a month or eating better, becoming a better parent or meditating every day; do it like your life depends on it. Or better yet, like Gary Vaynerchuk says, like his family’s life depends on it.

Are you looking for a daily dose of #truth without the fluff? Here you go. Listen to this guy or this woman. They are part of the ever-growing believers that we’ve become lazy and we all could use a the random imbalances that life throws at us to grow stronger and defeat our fears of success.

Life is not balanced. The ups and downs are certain. They way we tackle those ups and downs is the measure of our progress and success.

If you want to stand out in the crowd or be known as the go to person for the services or products you provide, you have no choice but to bust your ass, be the loudest and say goodbye to balance. Eventually, you will hit a point where you are comfortable but beware. Comfort is the beginning of the end… status quo. Death.

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