TWITTER LIST… Why It’s My “Can’t Go Without” tool.

I love Twitter lists. Why? Well, for one, it gathers the tweets of categorized tweeters as I see fit.

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If you are like me, you follow a bunch of tweet handles but the feed moves so fast that you find that you easily miss out on some that might otherwise be VERY useful to you.

With a list, I can gather up all the tweets from a group I create and see what’s going on in that space! Believe me,  this makes it so much easier to keep up with a subject matter or group of tweeters.

For instance, I have started a Twitter List of SD Food Bloggers ( where I can check out what tasty treks they’ve been on but as a publicist, it’s a great way to answer quick questions.

  • What trends are occurring in the category?
  • How do the influencers differentiate from each other?
  • What type of content will they be interested in?

How to create a Twitter list

  1. log into your Twitter account
  2. click your profile setting picture in the top right corner
  3. click on list from the drop down menu
  4. click create new list under the edit profile button in the right sidebar
  5. name your list & start adding influencers to it.

DONE. Easy peasy, right? I hope this was helpful to you. I know Twitter lists sure are for me. For quick easy tips, follow me on Twitter, @callmarie_pr.

What are the tools you can’t live without in your field of expertise or as a PR and marketing professional? For quick easy tips, follow me on Twitter, @callmarie_pr.

Remember, the tools are always changing and you may find others you like more or less. Metrics are an important part of business but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Share your favorite tools in the comments below.

Make it a great day!

Marie Tahan Daniels