Have you been struggling with HOW to set up a Zoom Meeting? Quarantine has created some very new methods of remote working and has skyrocketed the usage of ZOOM Meetings to keep teams connected across the planet. I have had a few clients who have been desperately holding out with fingers crossed to see if things would just go back to “normal” before taking the leap and learning how to use ZOOM Video Conferencing.

In order to help you, my hesitant entrepreneurs, I have decided to make a series of videos that are quick and easy tutorials that will get you on the virtual meeting bandwagon in a jiffy.

Check out the video below and leave me any comments and questions you might have. Have any other tutorials you’d like to see? Let me know. You know you can always reach me through my social media handles.

Set Up Your First Zoom Meeting in Minutes

+ G E T C O N N E C T E D ——————————————–