Here is your latest ‘NEED TO KNOW’ on the new twitter feed changes that take place April 15th, 2023.

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Oh Twitter. What now?

 Hello. Hello, I’m Marie Daniels and today it’s all about Twitter news. Now, why are we talking about Twitter today? Well, because on April 15th there’s gonna be some changes to your Twitter feed and we’re gonna show you exactly what that is. Alright, so let’s dive in. Currently, when you are looking at your Twitter feed and you open it up, you go directly to this for you tab.

Now, this ‘FOR YOU’ tab currently has a slew of items that are on the ‘For You’ tab. It has a combination of the people that you are following and the algorithm choices for you. Well, as of April 15th, the only way that you’re going to be making it on this page, to be shown to everyone else, is if you are a paid subscriber. You’re gonna have to have that Twitter blue paid subscription check mark next to your profile handle.

Pay to Play

No longer are you just gonna be populated by the algorithm because you have relevant content. Right now it’s $7 a month if you do the annual plan, and they’re gonna charge you $8 a month if you wanna go monthly.

Now, this probably will work and be a feasible option for brands and companies that really wanna make sure that they are still able to be shown on that For You page to potential followers. In the meantime, if you wanna find your followers, what you’re gonna do is click the followers tab, and then you will see all of the accounts that you are currently following.

Well, what happens if you want to just find new accounts all on your own that are about a particular subject? You can still use the explorer tab on the left hand side. Type in your hashtag, bring up whatever is your heart’s desire. Choose trending news, sports, entertainment, or a specific hashtag; whatever you like.

Why is Twitter Changing? Elon Musk says that currently without the verification, bots can add as many accounts as they want. Spammers across the board are able to create hundreds of accounts and put their scams out there to suck people in. And this is Elon Musk’s sway of trying to significantly decrease that spammer loophole. Most likely a, a spammer out there is probably not going to want to pay $8 per account.

I’m curious? Will you be “getting verified” on Twitter? Leave me a comment below. Now, will I? Probably not. I’m not that devoted to Twitter and you know, as a casual user, I probably don’t care enough to spend a hundred dollars a year on the Twitter verified check mark. I can definitely see active brands paying for the service.

Next Up… We unravel the confusion around which Instagram account type you should use; Personal or Business. Until then, have a great week and keep creating the valuable content your audience craves. Cheers!