The most common complaint I hear from companies is that their communications / PR firm “just isn’t doing anything”. Clearly, if a company or individual is feeling this way it is just plain frustrating. I get it. No one likes to watch their hard-earned dollars go down the drain.


I love to help companies find their voice and create a persona for their brand that is relatable and relevant to their audience. Generally, that is what a good communications professional does. There is one element that often gets forgotten from the equation of good communications strategies. Projecting company messages and good news requires client participation, not just the PR Firm.

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I’ve found that companies get so busy running operations that it takes some extra effort to think about their communications and marketing teams sometimes. Busy is good! It means people are buying what you are selling and we all like that. But your comm team CANNOT BE SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT YOU (or someone you assign to them).

Your company insight and activities are invaluable and are gold to your communications team but without those nuggets passed along, they cannot accomplish your goals for you.

So BEFORE you can the PR / Digital Marketing / Communications team, assess whether you and your internal team have a system for directing pertinent and exciting info to them in a timely manner Do this and your PR firm can effectively spread your word and get eyes on your brand properly.


Marie Daniels, Publicist & Digital Marketer