Consistent blogging is the most common hurdle I hear from influencer friends. I tell clients all the time that each post doesn’t need to be lengthy. Some can simply be quickies throughout your days. The same advice can be given to bloggers. These kind of posts allow an audience to get a glimpse of your daily thoughts/activities/life.

How To Be In The Moment

To capture the spirit of the moment for a post, doesn’t it seem best to not put it off? You lose the enthusiasm and sense of a situation the longer it takes to get it out of your brain.

Enter,  the WordPress phone app. This app allows you to retrieve access to all your WordPress logins from one place.  Check stats for yourself or clients. Post a photo or quote. Put a profound thought out in the cyberverse before it’s forgotten. WHATEVER.

Given you’re a WordPress user like myself, you have the ability to keep on top of your blog conveniently.

NO EXCUSES. You’ll love the tool.