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Marie Daniels heightened our brand awareness in our community both locally and online. Juggling the marketing needs of an historical property while keeping its religious integrity requires a finesse that Marie managed with ease and professionalism. She directed an internal team and managed the multiple events we hosted throughout the year, including our annual fundraising gala and Dia de los Muertos festival which brought 15,000+ community member visitors to the Mission San Luis Rey. Marie Daniels worked seamlessly with our team, stakeholders and local business and government entities to grow the awareness of our programs and offerings. She was a tech savvy professional that understood our challenges and was able to point us in a progress-driven direction within our slower paced Franciscan Friar culture. We are grateful for her help.
Mission San Luis Rey
- Brother James Lockman, Executive Director of the Mission San Luis Rey

She kept my shit together when I couldn’t. Often as a creative we’re a bit all over the place especially early in our careers.   

When my career started to really take off she was the glue between the cracks. She challenged me professionally and put me in front of opportunities only I could imagine.   

She helped me navigate through tough times, stuck around for the extra innings because she saw my potential and represented me at a very high standard.  

She’s the real deal. I call her “Boss Bitch.”

Chef Chad White
- owner Zona Blanca, High Tide Lobster Bar, TT's Old Iron Brewery, Cheftestant of Bravo's Top Chef

Being a highly sought after celebrity Chef, my calendar and requests for new contracts and appearances can be a monster to handle. 

Marie, prioritizes information and delivers concise information making sure I am spending my time on projects that are aligned with my values and my professional goals. 

She is not just a filter, but a Manager, Publicist, and a Psychologist when I need her!

Chef Claudia Sandoval
- Chef Claudia Sandoval, Celebrity TV Chef